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  • Initial release


  • feature: Add support for Postgres 15


  • bugfix: Correct inconsistent treatment of null literals


  • feature: Add support for Views, Materialized Views, and Foreign Tables
  • feature: Add support for filtering on is null and is not null
  • feature: User configurable page size
  • bugfix: Remove requirement for insert permission on every column for inserts to succeed
  • bugfix: hasNextPage and hasPreviousPage during reverse pagination were backwards


  • feature: String type filters support ilike, like, startsWith
  • feature: Support for @skip and @include directives
  • feature: Custom descriptions via comment directive @graphql({"description": ...})
  • bugfix: Unknown types are represented in GraphQL schema as Opaque rather than String
  • bugfix: PostgreSQL type modifiers, e.g. char(n), no longer truncate excess text
  • bugfix: Creating a new enum variant between existing variants no longer errors


  • feature: String type filters support regex, iregex
  • feature: computed relationships via functions returning setof
  • bugfix: function based computed columns with same name no longer error


  • feature: reproducible builds


  • bugfix: enums not on the roles search_path are excluded from introspection
  • bugfix: remove duplicate Enum registration
  • bugfix: foreign keys on non-null columns produce non-null GraphQL relationships


  • feature: rename enum variants with comment directive @graphql({"mappings": "sql-value": "graphql_value""})
  • bugfix: query with more than 50 fields fails
  • bugfix: @skip and @include directives missing from introspection schema
  • feature: Support for and, or and not operators in filters
  • bugfix: queries failed to run if the database was in read-only replica mode


  • feature: citext type represented as a GraphQL String
  • feature: Support for Postgres 16
  • feature: Support for user defined functions


  • feature: Support for user defined functions with default arguments
  • bugfix: Trigger functions excluded from API


  • bugfix: UDF call returned null if the row returned by the function had any null column


  • bugfix: make non-default args non-null in UDFs