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Publish a Package

Before you can publish your extension, you need to authenticate with

Login to

If you don't have an account, sign-up for one on the website. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you are logged into the website.
  2. Navigate to the Access Tokens page from the account drop-down at top right.
  3. Click New Token.
  4. Enter a token name and click Create Token.
  5. Copy the generated token. Note that this is the only time the token will be shown.
  6. On the terminal, run the dbdev login command.
  7. Paste the token you copied.

You are now logged into

Publish Your First Extension

Let's create your first extension. Create a folder which will contain the extension:

mkdir my_first_tle
cd my_first_tle

Next create a hello_world--0.0.1.sql file, which will contain your extension's SQL objects. Add the following function definition to this file:

create function greet(name text default 'world')
  returns text language sql
as $$ select 'hello, ' || name; $$;

Let's also add some docs about this extension. Create a file and add the following content to it:

The `hello_world` extension provides a `greet` function, which returns a greeting.

Lastly, add a hello_world.control file with the following key-value pairs:

default_version = 0.0.1
comment = 'An extension to generate greetings'

Your extension is ready to publish. Its name is hello_world and version is 0.0.1. For details about what constitutes a valid extension, read about the Structure of an Extension.

Now run the dbdev publish command to publish it.

dbdev publish

Your extension is now published to and visible under your account profile. You can visit your account profile from the account drop-down at the top right. Users can now install your extension using the dbdev in-database client.